iPhone 5s owners top the charts in data consumption

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 23 Jan 2014


Apple iPhone 5s owners are the biggest data hogs, says a 2013 mobile data consumption survey conducted by JDSU and reported by TechCrunch. These iPhone owners consume more data than any other smartphone owners and are described as having “unprecedented increases in uplink and downlink data demands”.Similar to previous years, the 2013 survey measured the data demands of one million subscribers over the course of a day in a Tier-1 European market and another million in a developing market. Over 150 devices were included in the survey. The survey results show that iPhone 5s owners outpaced iPhone 5 owners, iPhone 3GS owners and even Galaxy S4 owners in data consumption.

According to the findings, iPhone 5s users demand 7x as much data as iPhone 3G users in developed markets (the study uses the iPhone 3G as its mid-range benchmark device), and 20x as much data in developing markets.

The most data-demanding device in 2013 was the iPhone 5 — but iPhone 5s users are demanding a fifth (20%) more data than iPhone 5 users in developed markets, and 50% more data in developing markets.

Owners of Apple’s current flagship phone also have a greater data consumption than the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S4, which had a 5x data generation rate vs the iPhone 3G in developed markets and 11x in developing markets.

iPad 3/4 owners were also voracious consumers of data, coming in right behind iPhone 5s owners in both Tier-1 and developing markets. On the uplink side of the equation, the iPhone 5s fell behind the competition, primarily because of its camera. The iPhone 5s has an 8-megapixel rear camera  that takes smaller-sized images than the Galaxy S4, which sports a 13-megapixel rear shooter.


It is interesting to note that the iPhone 5c was in the middle of the pack, despite being a new phone. This suggests the handset appeals to average users who are not connected to every service and doing everything on the go.