Apollo IM: First unauthorized Instant Messaging client for iPhone (iPhone Hack)

BY Jason

Published 27 Aug 2007

iPhone Applications

iPhone hacking community has been busy releasing native iPhone applications after the first "Hello World" application. The latest iPhone hack is interestingly the first native iPhone instant messaging client called "Apollo IM".

After many web-based but extremely functional instant messaging clients for the iPhone like Mundu IM, JiveTalk; we have "Arminius" who has released the first unauthorized instant messaging client.

"Arminius" has just released the early beta version of Apollo IM with version Negative 1. It currently offers basic instant messaging capabilities, however future releases will support file transfer and other IM protocols such as MSN, Yahoo, Jabber & Google Talk quite similar to most of the web-based counterparts.

It should be easy to install Apollo IM as it can be installed via the very cool Installer.app application. Inorder to install Installer.app on to your iPhone follow the links below:

The latest iPhone application has been developed with Shimmer/PXL. Shimmer allows application developers to add auto update features to their iPhone apps thus making it easy  to roll out and manage frequent updates which will be critical to resolve initial glitches usually required in case of early beta versions.

The source code of the first unauthorized instant messaging client is also available at Google code, so feel free to check it out at this link. These are still early days for the iPhone IM client but it definitely indicates what to expect from the iPhone hacking (or development) community.

Thanks Alex Jimenez for sending this in!

Screenshots of the Apollo IM’s UI below: