iPhone Tips & Tricks: Upload photos from your iPhone to Flickr

BY Jason

Published 11 Sep 2007

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If you want to upload the photos from your iPhone to your Flickr account then here is some good news. Thanks to an iPhone tip from Erica @ Tuaw; you can easily upload the latest photo that you have clicked using your iPhone’s 2.0 mega pixel camera. And the best part is it does not need any iPhone hacks or require you to install some native iPhone application for which you need to depend on a step by step tutorial.

It is so simple that many of you might have already figured it out. So here is how you upload your photos from the iPhone to your Flickr account? As you might be aware most of the photo hosting and printing sites allow you to upload pictures by email; something offered by Flickr as well.

Basically the way it works with Flickr is they assign a randomly generated email address for your account, all you then need to do is email photos from your iPhone using the "Email Photo" option to this email address and it will get uploaded to your Flickr account. You will also receive a confirmation email at the address you used to send the message which has the link to your photo centre where you can view or print the photo.

In case you do not know the email address for your Flickr account; go to the following URL: flickr.com/account/uploadbyemail. In fact, this iPhone trick should also work with the other photo hosting and printing sites that allow you to upload pictures via email.

One of the drawbacks you need to keep in mind with this iPhone trick is that the iPhone scales down your photos when you choose the "Email Photo" option in order to reduce the size of the image file which should be fine unless you are not planning to print the photo.

Erica Sudan @ Tuaw also a solution in case you want to email the photos from your iPhone at full resolution. You can use a utility she had developed called "SendPics" and should be relatively easy to install as it can be installed via the cool Installer.app.

There is another complicated way of sending photos from your iPhone to Flickr for which you need to install an iPhone Native application for Flickr. Click here for more details.

It would good to get your feedback on the latest iPhone Tips & Tricks.

[via Tuaw]

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