FlyTunes brings Video and Audio Podcasts to your iPhone in addition to Internet Radio

BY Jason

Published 21 May 2008

FlyTunes one of the popular iPhone web apps which brought internet radio to the iPhone and iPod Touch has just got better.

They have recently added video and audio podcasts, a new user interface, and a customizable channel guide to their iPhone app.

Checkout more details of the iPhone web app after the jump including a demo video.

A startup company called FlyTunes Inc. had unveiled a new digital radio service for the iPhone and iPod Touch during CES pitching it as an alternative to Sirius Satellite Radio.

Though at that time I had mentioned that it seems to be a stretch to compare FlyTunes with Sirius it seems to be good workaround if you are missing a radio on your iPhone like I am. However with the latest enhancements they have now taken their iPhone app a step further.

You have over 200 new channels to checkout covering a wide range of topics such as news, entertainment, politics, kids & family, health, comedy, business and technology. This is in addition to the 150 odd channels of internet radio.

To make it easier for you to surf through these 350 odd channels they have also streamlined FlyTunes user interface so that one can quickly find and select desired channels from two simple dialog boxes with each channel now displaying more detailed information.

You also have the flexibility to enable or disable individual channels and even entire genres from the selection menu thanks to the new MyGuide feature.

Checkout the demo video of Flytunes below:

In order to give this app a test drive you first need to register at this link and follow the instructions.

As always do give your feedback on FlyTunes and in case you know of a better iPhone application that does all of this then do share it with fellow iPhone Hacks reader in the comments below.


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