iPhone Trick: Watch Google Video on your iPhone

BY Jason

Published 14 Aug 2007


One of the coolest feature of the iPhone which Apple announced just prior to iPhone’s launch was that users would be able to enjoy YouTube’s originally-created content on their iPhone. However, not being able to watch flash-based videos  still remains one of iPhone’s limitation, so everything other than YouTube is still off-limits.

Maybe not anymore, as this iPhone trick will let you watch any video on Google Video.

Since iPhone’s Safari browser did not support flash, Apple had to develop a new application for the iPhone which wirelessly streams YouTube’s content over Wi-Fi or EDGE networks to play it on iPhone’s stunning 3.5 inch display.

However for it to work on Apple’s new application; Google also had to do some amount of work as they had to encode YouTube videos in advanced H.264 format thus making the number of videos available in iPhone-friendly format limited.

Check out the YouTube video which gives a step by step guide of the trick to watch any Google video on your iPhone by using the  "Download for Video iPod" option. You don’t need any iPhone hack for this one.

Thanks x999x for this iPhone trick!