“I Am Rich” App: The most ridiculous iPhone app removed from App Store [Updated]

BY Jason

Published 6 Aug 2008

We have seen NullRiver’s NetShare that briefly brought 3G/EDGE Tethering for iPhone and also the popular from the Box Office, a popular iPhone app that gave showtimes
for your area
disappear from App Store.

It appears another iPhone App “I Am Rich” has been removed from the App Store and this time I don’t think anyone will care as it should ideally have not made it to the App Store in the first place.

Armin Heinrich had released an app on the iTunes App Store called “I Am Rich”. for $999.99.

All the iPhone app did was display a red gem on the iPhone and iPod touch and nothing else as can be seen below. The description of the iPhone App in iTunes read:

“The red icon on your iPhone or iPod touch always reminds you (and
others when you show it to them) that you were rich enough to afford

It’s a work of art with no hidden function at all.”

iPhone app - I am Rich
The iPhone App has been removed now, we are not sure if it was Apple or Armin who removed it. Though the question is how this application made it to the App Store in the first place as Apple is manually approving the applications.

I will keep you posted if we get to know any more details. But lets hope this remains the most ridiculous iPhone app ever created for a long long time.

Your thoughts?

Update (Aug 7th, 2008):

If you were wondering whether anyone bought this iPhone App, then the answer is shockingly “YES”, some guy actually bought the $999..99, “I am rich” iPhone App. As you can see from the screenshot below he goes on to tell his story on how it all happened.

iPhone app - I am Rich
What do you think? [via Sillicon Alley Insider]

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