Native iPhone App: iBooter – iPhone Diagnostic Tool

BY Jason

Published 21 Mar 2008

Native iPhone Application - iBooter

iPhone hacker Niacin has released iBooter, a native iPhone application which has an interactive console for iBoot (the Apple Bootloader) and can run it on Linux, MacOS, Windows without iTunes installed.

iBooter is definitely not for the faint-hearted as it is an iPhone diagnostic tool similar to iPhuc which can be used to debug phone booting issues.

iBooter is an interactive console for iBoot (the Apple BootLoader). iPhuc, a native iPhone application which has been previously used for a similar functionality required iTunes and was only capable of sending commands to iBoot. With iBooter, you apparently can both send commands and receive replies, allowing you to diagnose errors, booting issues and can run it on Linux, Mac, Windows without iTunes installed.

Based on the list of commands iBooter seems to give you the ability to do fun things like set environment variables, set bus clock to the given frequency in Hz, run a USB command, read memory/write memory, load RamDisks, change your Wi-Fi MAC address, read files from Nand etc.

However, it is important to note here that making such changes might sound a lot of fun but you will be doing it at your own risk as you run the risk of voiding the warranty of your iPhone.

You can get more details about iBooter, download the tool for either Linux, Mac, Windows, and get instructions on how to install and use it from the iPhone hacker’s website.

If you are the adventurous types and have given iBooter a shot, we would love to hear from you on the latest native iPhone application in the comments below.

[via Tuaw]


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