iPhone App Could Bring MMS Feature to the iPhone?

BY Jason

Published 18 Nov 2008

Copy and Paste, Flash, MMS are probably the most requested features by users since the launch of the iPhone.

We had some news on Flash yesterday, Adobe and ARM had jointly announced that
they will be collaborating to optimize and enable Adobe Flash Player 10
and Adobe AIR for ARM powered devices which could bring Adobe’s Flash player to the iPhone sometime in the future.

MacWorld is reporting that the missing MMS feature could be coming to the iPhone (at least for TeliaSonera customers).

MacWorld in an interview with spokesperson of TeliaSonera Sweden has got a confirmation that they will be releasing an iPhone app which will bring Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) capabilities to the iPhone in the next two months.

TeliaSonera offers iPhone 3G in Denmark (Telia), Finland (Sonera), Norway (NetCom) and Sweden (Telia),
Estonia (EMT), Latvia (LMT) and Lithuania (Omnitel). So I am assuming the iPhone MMS app will be available to iPhone users in all these countries.

It will also be interesting
to see if the iPhone app gets approved by Apple. If it does then it would be the first carrier-specific
app that will be available on the iPhone App Store.

MMS has been one of the widely requested feature by iPhone users. We have seen unofficial iPhone apps like SwirlyMMS that are available for the jailbroken iPhone or hack like this one that have brought MMS feature to the iPhone.

We will keep you posted as the story develops, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks.

What’s your take?

[via Mac World (translated)]

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