iPhone Games – Quake 3 Arena Ported to iPhone

BY Jason

Published 5 Apr 2008

iPhone Games - Quake 3 Arena

I have some exciting news! Folks at HermitWorks are claiming to have ported Quake 3 Arena, one of the most popular and my favorite first-person-shooter game to the iPod Touch (and so should be possible even on the iPhone).

If you don’t believe it, you can checkout the impressive video of Quake 3 being played in networking mode on 2 iPod Touches and other details after the jump.

The iPhone hacking experts have already amazed us by porting games like Doom (though still not playable) and emulators like Nintendo Entertainment System’s Emulator, Game Boy Advanced Emulator and Playstation Emulator even without the iPhone SDK.

But the news of Quake 3 successfully ported to the iPod Touch has to be the most exciting news in the iPhone gaming space since its launch. 

Folks at HermitWorks have been able to port Quake 3 Arena to the iPhone by making some modifications to the icculus source. They apparently were able to get it running on the iPod Touch quite quickly.

Checkout the YouTube video of Quake 3 being played in networking mode on 2 iPod Touches below (its very impressive):

As you can see you move the character around using the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer and shoot by simply tapping on the screen.

Unfortunately, there are no details available on how to install it on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Lets hope the interest generated by this news results in folks at HermitWorks releasing this impressive native iPhone game and also providing us a detailed step-by-step guide on how to get it to work on the iPhone.

Stay tuned here @ iPhone Hacks, I will keep posted.

[via HermitWorks]


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