Popular iPhone Ringtone App “SendSong” Works with iPhone OS v1.1.1 Now

BY Jason

Published 19 Oct 2007

iPhone Song Sender

When I had written an article which covered all the iPhone Apps that helped you add custom ringtones to your iPhone rather than paying Apple the additional 99c to add a song as a ringtone, surprisingly more than 15% of the readers of iPhone Hacks who took the poll on which iPhone App they will be using to add custom ringtones to their iPhone chose "SendSong", a neat little utility and as the name suggest allows you to not only send a song from your iPhone library to a friend via email or use it as a ringtone developed by Erica Sadun over @ Tuaw now a iPhone hacking legend.

When iPhone OS v1.1.1 was released like all iPhone third-party apps even SendSong had become unusable. However I guess looking at the popularity of SendSong, Erica has updated her creation so that it also works with iPhone OS v1.1.1 (see the poll results @ this link).

For those who don’t know what this iPhone App is all about, lets go back in time. Song Sender which was the name given to the iPhone application when it was born allows you browse through your iPhone music libraries and to not only send a song from your iPhone library to a friend via email or use it as a ringtone.

In fact, I realized that when I written the article on SendSong I had wrongly credited the hacking effort to folks @ Nullriver (apologies Erica).

You should be able to install this app using Installer.app using the Community Resources package (in case you have not already got it running on iPhone OS v1.1.1 read these instructions).

After installing, when you run Song Sender it will read through your iPhone’s music library to create a scrolling list of songs. When you tap on any song, you will be prompted with the two additional choices i.e. "Send to Email" and "Send to Ringtones". It is as simple as that to either send a song to your friend as an email or add it as a ringtone.

However before you go to try it out here are some words of caution from Erica on her blog:

"Here are the caveats: First, you can only send m4a files to ringtones. Any other file type and SendSong will complain. Second, sometimes it takes time for the Ringtones to get recognized. I’ve tried reboots and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve also quit SendSong, checked out my tones–found they didn’t work–went back into SendSong, added another tone, returned and suddenly the tones did work. It’s kinda freaky and I’m not sure why this happens. I suspect it’s about forcing the system to reload all the info from the Ringtones.plist in /var/root/Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes."

In case you need further assistance with this hack do check with Erica Sudan at Tuaw using this link.

Thanks Erica for updating SendSong for iPhone OS v1.1.1.

Screenshots of the UI of Song Sender below (from previous version):