iPhone Trick: How-To get the International Domain Extensions on the [.com] Key

BY Jason

Published 1 Apr 2008

Sometimes a simple change can make a difference. Including the [.com] button on iPhone’s revolutionary virtual keyboard is a good example as it has been a major time saver when typing out URLs.

You might already know this but folks at Max OS X Hints have figured out a trick on how to get the international domain extensions (eg. .co.uk, .de etc) on the [.com] key.

 I am sure many of you might find it faster to type ".de" or ".fr" instead of waiting until the menu shows up and selecting the right entry or going through the steps, but if you visit the international domain websites (especially ".co.uk") quite often then this iPhone trick is quite useful.

Its quite simple, all you need to do is enable the international keyboard for the native language of that region in the settings (ex. for a .de domain, enable the German Keyboard or for .co.uk enable English (UK)). You then need to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Tap on Settings on your iPhone’s home screen, navigate to: General > Keyboards > International Keyboards
  • Turn on the languages of the international domain extensions you might want to use.
  • Then while you are using your iPhone’s Safari browser and want to type that regional domain extension, tap on the key on the keyboard with a picture of a globe on it (to the right of the 123 key and left of the "." key) and switch to the keyboard you want.
  • Then hold down the [.com] button which should result in a menu to pop-up abobe it with the option to chose the extension from.

In case you know of any iPhone tips or tricks which is not listed here at iPhone hacks then please feel free to share them in the comments.

[via Mac OS X Hints]


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