Jailbreak App Lets You Enjoy CarPlay on iPhone Without Buying a New Head Unit

BY Killian Bell

Published 22 Jun 2016

CarPlay iOS

Want to enjoy CarPlay without picking up an expensive head unit for your vehicle? Thanks to a jailbreak app called CarPlay iOS, you can now enjoy Apple’s in-car platform on your iPhone or iPad while you’re behind the wheel.

“CarPlay iOS is the most advanced mobile application for the car driver,” according to the app’s creator. “It comes with a collection of re-designed apps and features for a usage when you are driving.”

With CarPlay iOS, you get a familiar CarPlay-like interface that provides you with easy access to all the apps and services you want on the road, including Google Maps, Messages, Spotify, and Waze.

You can also view useful widgets for things like the time, weather, battery status, and more.

CarPlay iOS also allows you to add third-party apps to its home screen, so you can use almost anything you want in your car, and if you drive on the right-hand side, you can switch up its interface to accommodate.

CarPlay iOS is compatible with jailbroken iPhones and iPads running iOS 8 and iOS 9. You can buy one license for $4, 5 licenses for $16, or and infinite amount of licenses for $12.90. Just search for CarPlay iOS in Cydia to get started.

[Via CarPlay iOS]