AppSnapp: Single-Click Method to JailBreak iPhone & iPod Touch OS v1.1.1 and Install Installer App

BY Jason

Published 29 Oct 2007

We have already seen many solutions to jailbreak iPhone OS v1.1.1 and if you have been reading the feedback about these solutions from readers here @ iPhone Hacks, you would have observed that in some cases it worked very well and some cases it didn’t.

All that could be history, as the latest jailbreaking solution from the iPhone hacking geniuses seems to be the mother of all Jailbreaking solutions for iPhone or iPod Touch OS v1.1.1. It’s called AppSnapp and is a single-click method to JailBreak iPhone and iPod Touch OS v1.1.1 which also installs Installer app so that you can then install just about any of the unauthorized third-party iPhone applications you like.

The iPhone hacking geniuses hdm/metasploit, rezn, dinopio, drudge, kroo, pumpkin, davidc, dunham, and NerveGas have introduced a single-click instant jailbreaking method for both iPhone and iPod touch. The jailbreak essentially opens your iPhone for full disk access and even installs the cool so you can add just about any third-party application you like.

All you need to do is to point your iPhone’s or iPod Touch’s Safari browser to, then click the “Install AppSnapp” button at the bottom of the page.

That’s it after a few seconds, you will be presented with the “Slide to Unlock” screen. After sliding to unlock, you’ll have the “Installer” icon on your iPhone’s home screen.

It is also important to note that if Safari disappears when you click on the link and you return to the main Home screen, it’s fine. Just wait a minute more for your unit to restart; you need to wait until you see the slide to unlock screen.

Its by far the easiest jailbreaking solution we have seen so far and the best part is since you can do all this from your iPhone or iPod Touch for a change you don’t need to worry if this jailbreaking method will work on Mac or Windows.

The Jailbreaking solution also fixes Apple’s Tiff bug making it even more secure than the un-hacked iPhone and also fixes YouTube if you are using a non-AT&T SIM while leaving already activated phone alone (now that’s sweet).

If you want to figure out how to activate Safari on an unactivated iPhone, then all you need is follow the instructions provided at this link.

Here are some of the features of AppSnapp from their website:

1. Jailbreaks iPhone/iPod Touch on 1.1.1

2. Patches Springboard to load third party apps

3. Activates non-AT&T iPhones automatically, while leaving already activated phones alone

4. Fixes YouTube on non-AT&T iPhones automatically, while leaving already activated phones alone

5. Installs v3.0b5 on the iPhone/iPod Touch

6. Fixes Apple’s TIFF bug, making your device MORE secure than it was without AppSnapp!

So now here are some of the questions on AppSnapp answered for you courtesy the iPhone hackers.

1. Could this brick my iPhone/iPood touch?

No, worst case you will have to restore in iTunes.

2. Why do I have a blue question mark?

This means you already ran AppSnapp once. Since we patch the TIFF bug, you’ll have to restore to run it again.

3. Can I do the SIM unlock my phone wih this?

AppSnapp does not unlock the phone. You will have to use anySIM to do so after you install AppSnapp.

4. My phone is still act the "Activate now" screen, why?

If your phone doesn’t show up as activated after you run AppSnapp, please reboot your phone.

5. I’m an AT&T customer, do I need this since it activates?

AppSnapp is smart, if knows if you are an AT&T customer and doesn’t try to activate if you already are activated.

Warning from the Hackers:

This software comes with absolutely no warranty of any kind. If it should cause any harm to your iPhone or data, we shall not be held responsible.

You still want to check it out (it will be a good idea to check for updates and comments below), point your iPhone or iPod Touch’s Safari browser to to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch OS v1.1.1 and install the cool

Thanks hdm/metasploit, rezn, dinopio, drudge, kroo, pumpkin, davidc, dunham, and NerveGas for providing us with such a great solution.

Folks, don’t forget to tip them for their effort by clicking the donate button at this link.

Thanks Kush for the tip!


I just tried it on the iPod Touch and after many attempts finally managed to get it working, so you need patience with this one, I think looking at the interest it has generated their servers are getting hammered and hence it did not work in first attempt. But when it does you will appreciate how easy it is to jailbreak your iPhone and installer Installer app.

Frankly I didn’t do something special to get it to work. However, certain things that you need to keep in mind before you try it as mentioned below:

As Louis has mentioned in the comments below, you are better off switching to Wi-Fi. As I tried this on iPod Touch I had no other option but to use it.

Before you start, turn off the
auto-screen lock (Tap Settings icon on your home screen, then tap General, select Auto-Lock feature and choose Never) as this can take a few minutes, and you probably don’t want your screen going
dark while this happens.

As I have mentioned in the post, when you click on the AppSnapp link at the bottom of the page at, if Safari disappears and you return to iPhone’s home screen, then its fine. Just wait a few minutes more for your unit to restart, don’t touch
anything until you see the slide to unlock screen.

If Safari hangs,
just quit (press and hold Home for 4-8 seconds) and try again.

Several readers over @ Tuaw have written in and suggested that you must install the BSD subsystem in order to get many third party apps to work correctly.

Another Update:

After jailbreaking using AppSnapp, I had some issues with Installer App the first time round, the scrolling was not that smooth and observed some amount of freezing, and at times clicking on the Installer icon on the home screen resulted in a blank (white) screen.

So I decided to restore the iPod Touch and do it all over again. I was able to do so without any problem.

I used AppSnapp again to jailbreak and after a few attempts (again) was able to get it to work without an issue.

As Alex had mentioned in the comments below I got a kind of pop-up to update Installer App, I went ahead and updated it, and so far the observations are that Installer App works a lot better and have not seen the issues I had noticed last time round and installing third-party apps was a breeze.

I just love the Dock application, after you get the hang of how to use it, it makes navigating and selecting the iPhone app you want to launch a fun experience (ironically very iPhone-like and must give credit to the iPhone hacker who developed it).

Stay tuned here @ iPhone Hacks for more updates and impressions on the latest Jailbreaking solution.

Thanks folks for your feedback, please continue to share your success or horror stories with AppSnapp in the comments.

[via Tuaw]

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