Kuo: Android OEMs Will Take 2.5 Years To Copy TrueDepth Camera System of iPhone X

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 2 Oct 2017

TrueDepth camera components iPhone X

As per KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Android OEMs will end up taking almost 2.5 years to copy the functionality of the TrueDepth camera system in their devices. The analyst had earlier believed that Apple’s competitors would take around 1-2 years but after seeing the tech demo from Apple, he is convinced the time taken will be closer to 2.5 years.

The analyst believes this key technological advantage will help keep iPhone’s growth rate high throughout 2018 and 2019. Despite the overall positive outlook on the iPhone X, Kuo has revised his sales estimate of the handset from 40 million units to 30 to 35 million. This is likely due to supply constraints as the TrueDepth camera system is leading to the iPhone X production slowing down greatly.

While many Android OEMs already offer facial unlock on their flagship devices, the feature only makes use of the front camera which makes it less secure and easy to fool using a photograph. Apple’s Face ID implementation is way ahead of the competition thanks to the TrueDepth camera system which scans a user’s face in 3D. Apple says that Face ID is more secure than Touch ID.

The TrueDepth camera system and Face ID on the iPhone X have managed to raise a lot of consumer interest in the handset, and this is despite the device also coming with a bezel-less front design and other new features.

Apple’s new iPhone lineup comes with plenty of new features which are completely missing from any other Android device in the market or not implemented properly. Apart from face unlock, this includes the ability to record videos in 4K resolution at 60fps, AR apps and experience, and more.

Kuo also believes that Apple will end up adopting Face ID and TrueDepth camera system on its entire iPhone lineup eventually.

The iPhone X goes on pre-order on October 27 and will hit the retail stores on November 3.

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