Apple asks Launch Center Pro developers to remove Undocumented URLs to Apple apps

BY Jason

Published 15 Oct 2013


Developers of Launch Center Pro, the app that lets you create shortcuts for common actions, were asked by Apple to remove shortcuts to preinstalled iOS apps like Calendar, Game Center etc. since they are considered to be “Undocumented APIs.”

Because iOS doesn’t have a well-defined inter-app communication system, developers have to resort to using URL schemes to open apps. These URL schemes are unique for each app, and appear much like normal web URLs, except that the “http://” prefix is replaced by something else.

Apple wants Launch Center Pro to remove certain Apple app URLs, specifically, shortcuts to Calendar, FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, GameCenter, Music, Passbook, Videos, Reminders, and iTMS (App Store). Launch Center Pro developer David Barnard revealed this info in a series of tweets, embedded below:

While the developers might be compelled to remove those URLs, it seems existing shortcuts will continue to work, and users can always share these shortcuts with other users. It’s strange that Apple would want to cut down on the usage of these URLs, since although they’re undocumented, they’re in no way private.

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