M1 Mac mini Teardown Reveals Smaller Logic Board, Clutter-Free Internals

BY Asif Shaik

Published 18 Nov 2020

M1 Mac mini teardown

The newly-launched Mac mini with M1 chip started shipping to customers on 16th November. And YouTubers have wasted no time in tearing down the machine. Today, we have our first teardown video of the new Mac mini, courtesy of a YouTube channel Brandon Geekabit.

The teardown video shows that the internals of the M1 Mac mini are protected by a rubber cover on the outer side and a metal plating inside it. Once you remove these two components, you will find that the new Mac mini has three major components, fan, logic board, and power supply.

While there isn’t anything interesting to talk about the fan and the power supply, the logic board of the M1 Mac mini is something that we have to discuss. And that is because it is much smaller compared to the one in its predecessor.

The logic board on the new Mac mini is smaller because it has the M1 chip, which uses an SoC design that incorporates RAM and storage modules, freeing up a lot of space. Plus, many other components including those related to connectivity have been integrated into the SoC.

The M1 chip on the logic board is the one with a silver lid labelled APL1102. To the right side of the silver lid are memory modules, which are a part of the SoC. While there are plenty of other components on the board, we don’t have any info on them, yet.

All in all, it looks like the M1 Mac mini is easy to take apart and there are very few components inside it, making it a clutter-free machine. Hopefully, more teardown videos will pop up soon, giving us an in-depth look at the new Mac mini.