How to Make Your iPhone X Look Shiny and New Again

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 22 Feb 2018

The iPhone X is a work of art. The all-display look at the front and the rear glass panel sandwiching a steel chassis give the phone a very premium look and feel that no other phone on the market can match. However, that shiny steel chassis on the iPhone X looks good only until you start using the phone. In regular use, you will end up scratching that polished chassis in no time which takes the shine off the device. 

But like everything else in this world, there’s a solution to this problem as well. But only for silver iPhone X owners. As YouTuber Quinn Nelson from Snazzy Labs shows in his latest video, you can strip away a tiny bit of the shiny coating applied by Apple on the silver iPhone X to restore that shine. As a bonus, this will also end up removing some of the scratches that the chassis might have picked up due to a fall.

The process is fairly simple as well. All you need to do is use a metal polish cream, put it on a microfiber cloth, and then rub it lightly sideways on the chassis of your iPhone X. Make sure to buff the part again with a clean microfiber part to rub off the compound. You will have to apply plenty of pressure this time around and make sure to move your hand in a circular motion.

The method shown in the video is only for the silver iPhone X and not the Space Grey iPhone X. Doing the above process on the Space Grey iPhone X will end up removing the black coating from the handset permanently.

You can use this method to restore the shine on your silver iPhone X once every few months. Since the process is not particularly complex, even inexperienced iPhone X users should be able to follow the steps shown in the video. If you end up following the steps shown in the video to restore the shine on the stainless steel chassis of your iPhone X, do drop a comment and let us know how much of a difference it ended up making for you.