Multi-tasking A la Palm Pre On iPhone With Multifl0w Jailbreak App

BY Andy

Published 26 Nov 2009

Jailbroken iPhone app lets you multitask like Palm Pre

One of the most popular app among jailbroken iPhone users is Backgrounder – the free app that allows you to multitask; a feature almost omnipresent among smartphones but something that remains unavailable for iPhone users till date. 

Now here is another iPhone app that improvises on Backgrounder to create a better multitasking experience (think Palm Pre).

Backgrounder lets you open multiple applications and also helps in identifying all these iPhone apps running in the background with a badge. With mutifl0w, you may additionally slide through all the open apps and easily toggle between them. Double-tapping your iPhone home button takes you to the multifl0w screen where all the open apps are displayed. Tapping on an iPhone app displays it in full screen for you to work on while the other apps continue to run in the background. It helps if you are on iPhone 3GS since the higher RAM capacity means you can toggle between lot more iPhone apps. 

Multifl0w is currently available for iPhone OS 3.0 and above and is built over Backgrounder. There are a few minor bugs at this moment though, which includes a springboard crash when the multifl0w app is opened simulataneously with another loading app. However, the app developer says updates would soon be made available for these. 

The app is already available on Rock and should also be available on Cydia soon. While you do have a free trial, the jailbreak iPhone app costs $4.99, which we feel is slightly higher considering that the base app Backgrounder and the other popular multitasking app for jailbroken iPhones, Kirikae are both free. 

Nevertheless, $5 is still a small price to pay for such a valuable utility denied for quite sometime by Apple as running multiple applications could drain your iPhone's battery quickly. If you have downloaded multifl0w, please don't forget to tell us your experience.

[via AppAdvice]

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