Apple Bans Murderdrome – A Comic Book iPhone app

BY Jason

Published 29 Aug 2008

We have seen quite a few iPhone apps removed from the App Store. We recently had the free version of Tetris, Tris removed from the App Store due to copyright claims by "The Tetris© Company".

Infurious, the developers of comic book app Murderdrome have claimed that Apple has banned their iPhone App as well.

Murderdrome was developed by Infurious which is a comics company, creating digital content exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Strictly speaking, Apple has not banned the comic book but the Comic Reader app designed to make it easy for comic book authors to publish their content on the iPhone. But Murderdrome was the premium title that was included with the Comic Reader iPhone app while submitting it for approval.

Apple has banned it for violating the terms of its SDK which prohibits "content or materials that in Apple’s reasonable judgment may be found objectionable by iPhone or iPod touch users."

Infurious who have described their free comic book as "darkly humorous" and have mentioned in an interview that they were not shocked by the ban as they had seen other apps getting banned. They had realized this could happen to them but unfortunately, they were too far ahead in development to stop and start with something new.

They would like to work with Apple to create a ratings system, which allows apps that are "no more offensive than many of the R rated films available to download on iTunes."

Fortunately for Infurious all is not lost, as the Comic Reader app has generated quite a bit of interest. They have been contacted by creators and publishers alike with the intent of becoming a distribution source for their material.

You can see the video clip of the iPhone App below:

Apple is being accused of censorship for banning the iPhone app and majority have called for Apple to reverse its stance.

I found the news of a comic book getting banned for censorship a little difficult to digest. But I think age categorization for iPhone apps is the way to go as Infurious has suggested. People, especially children are very susceptible to being  influenced by what they watch or see happen throughout their lives so there is a need for censorship and probably the reason why Apple removed the app from the App Store.

Age categorization will ensure Apple can enforce age limits on the iPhone apps/games and appropriate guidelines will help iPhone app developers avoid such situations.

What do you think?

[via MacNN]

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