The Must-Have iPhone X Accessories in 2020

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 6 Dec 2017

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Now that you’ve got the iPhone X, you’ll want to look into getting the most out of the device. Once you’ve installed all the must-have iPhone X apps, it’s time to look in an outward direction and look at the must-have iPhone X accessories. Get a case, a screen protector, an external battery pack, better cables, wireless audio and you’re good to go.

1. AirPods

The best thing you can pair your brand new iPhone X with is a pair of AirPods. iPhone X is all about living in the future and that’s where AirPods are from. Using AirPods with an iPhone seems like magic.

Just open the case and they connect to your iPhone automatically. Put them in your ear and they’re activated. Double-tap to bring up Siri or to start playback. Take an AirPod out of the ear and music stops. You can use both AirPods at the same time or just one. They last for 5 hours on a charge and just put them in the case for a couple of minutes for an hour’s worth of use.

➤ AirPods with Charging Case  ($139), AirPods with Wireless Charging ($169), AirPods Pro ($249): Buy Now [Amazon]

2. A 6-Feet Lightning Cable

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If you travel a lot, what you need is 6 feet long (preferably nylon braided) Lightning cable. And you can get a really good one from AmazonBasics for under $15.

AmazonBasics 6 Feet Lightning Cable – $17.99 [Amazon]

3. A Much Better Lightning to AUX Connector

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The iPhone X comes with a little Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adaptor in the box. But the built-in DAC isn’t the best. If you’re looking for better quality and a longer cable (something that you won’t lose after 15 minutes of use), check out FiiO i1. It also has volume controls on the other end.

FiiO i1 – $33.90 [Amazon]

4. Bluetooth Headphones

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If you don’t like AirPods or if you find them a bit too uncomfortable, try the BeatsX headphones. They have the same W1 chip for connecting to iPhone (and all the devices on your iCloud account). Plus, now that they’re just $99, it’s also way cheaper than AirPods.

If you’re looking for workout earphones, try Jaybird X3 (also $99).

If you’re a fan of over the ear headphones, try Beats Solo 3 for a similar feature set.

BeatsX$84 [Amazon] | Jaybird X4$99 [Amazon] | Beats Solo 3$179 [Amazon]

5. Dongles

APEKX Clip Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

If you want to listen to music and charge your iPhone X, you’ll need a dongle (or a wireless headphones setup).

You can use a little dongle from Griffin to convert any wired headphones into Bluetooth enabled headphones. The Griffin iTrip Clip has volume and playback controls on it. Just clip it to your clothes, connect your headphones and you’ve got a wireless setup going.

If you want an actual dongle that splits out lightning and a headphone jack adaptor, check out Belkin’s RockStar Adaptor. It’s certified by Apple and because it’s Belkin, you don’t need to worry about the quality.

APEKX Clip Bluetooth Headphone Adapter$15.99 [Amazon] | Belkin RockStar Adaptor$35 [Amazon]

6. Expandable Storage

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This time, the jump from 64 GB to 256 costs $150. Because the iPhone X is already so expensive, you might have opted for the 64 GB version thinking it’s going to be enough. But if you end up using iPhone’s cameras as designed – taking RAW photos, capturing 4K video and 240 fps slo-mo, that 64 GB is going to fill up fast.

Which is why we recommend you travel with a Lightning supported flash drive. Sandisk makes some really good ones. Sandisk’s iXpand Flash Drive lets you quickly offload data from your iPhone, without the need for a Mac or a PC. The 32 GB model costs $35 and it goes all the way up to 256 GB for $230.

Sandisk iXpand Flash Drive$22.99 for 32 GB [Amazon]

7. Leather Case

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The best way to class up your iPhone X is by using a case. And there’s nothing quite like a saddle brown leather case. Apple will sell you one for $49. Now, they even have a $99 Folio Case that you can carry around cash and cards in.

Apple Leather Case$39.98 [Amazon]

8. A Vibrant Silicone Case

If leather isn’t your style, try a bright Silicone case. You’ll get a lot of grip with Apple’s Silicone case and you’ll have access to colors like purple, orange and now even a bright yellow. For alternatives, check out our picks for the best iPhone X cases.

Apple Silicone Case$31 [Amazon]

9. Wireless Charger

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iPhone X supports Wireless Charging. And because it works on the Qi industry standard, you’ll find a lot of different chargers for as little as $20. RavPower makes some good reliable wireless chargers. This one charges your iPhone in the upright position.

If you want access to 7.5W fast charging (after iOS 11.2 upgrade), buy Mophie’s wireless charging pad (it’s one of the few pads that Apple sells on its website).

Fast Wireless Charger RAVPower$26.99 [Amazon] | Mophie Wireless Charger$33.88 [Amazon]

10. External Battery Pack

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iPhone X has a pretty good battery life. But when you’re traveling it will still die on you before sunset. It’s best to keep an external battery pack with you at times like this.

If you’re traveling solo, go for Jackery’s 6000 mAh battery pack with its built-in Lightning cable. It’s small enough that you can carry it around in your pocket.

If you’re going to be traveling with friends or family, get RavPower’s massive 22000 mAh battery pack with 2 USB ports.

Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Battery Pack – $29.99 [Amazon]

11. Fast Charging Setup

Anker USB-C Adaptor

iPhone X supports fast charging but Apple doesn’t provide a fast charging compatible adaptor or cable in the box. And if you try to get them from Apple, they’ll cost you $75.

With a fast-charging setup, you can charge from 0 to 50% in under 30 minutes. You can get Anker’s 30W USB-C adaptor for under $30.

Anker 30W USB-C Adaptor – $22.99 [Amazon]

12. Screen Protector

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iPhone X’s screen replacement costs a bomb. Close to $300 for a screen replacement and over $500 if you need to replace the whole shell. If you know that you’re clumsy with your phone, invest in a screen protector beforehand.

And a simple plastic screen protector won’t do much. You’ll need to get the tempered glass. Spigen’s 2 pack tempered glass for iPhone X (with Oleophobic coating) is just $9.

Spigen Tempered Glass$8.99 [Amazon]

Your Favorite iPhone X Accessories?

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