Netflix Games Now Available for iPhone and iPad

BY Anu Joy

Published 10 Nov 2021

netflix games

Netflix debuted its gaming service for Android at the beginning of this month, leaving iOS users waiting patiently for their turn to play. However, iPhone and iPad owners can now cheer the arrival of Netflix Games on their devices.

Netflix is currently offering the following games — “Stranger Things: 1984,” “Stranger Things 3: The Game,” “Teeter (Up),” “Shooting Hoops,” “Card Blast,” and “Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story.” Thankfully, subscribers will not have to suffer ads or microtransactions to play these games. While this might sound similar to Apple Arcade, Netflix is targeting casual gamers with its current game library.

Each game is listed separately on the App Store. However, at launch, users must sign in with their Netflix account, with those without one prompted to subscribe to the service. The streaming giant will also allow users to view its complete catalog of games in the Netflix app.

Surprisingly, Netflix is now allowing customers to subscribe to its service for the first time through Apple’s In-App Purchase system from within the games. In 2018, it had stopped offering IAP to avoid paying Apple’s commission (typically 15 to 30 percent) on in-app transactions. It is unclear what made the video streaming company change its mind and support IAP for its gaming service on iOS. The Netflix app still doesn’t support IAP, though.

It is apparent that Netflix is working on diversifying its offerings beyond video streaming. Perhaps it’s drawing inspiration from the Disney model, which has been raking in cash from merchandise, theme parks, and resorts that use its iconic characters.

In June this year, it launched its merchandise shop,, to peddle products based on popular shows. Its foray into gaming is just the next logical step towards monetizing its wealth of original shows and characters.

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