The Best Tips and Tricks For a Better Netflix Experience on iPhone and Mac

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 3 Aug 2018

Netflix Tips and Tricks iPhone iPad Mac Featured

Netflix is hands down the best entertainment platform right now. For $10 a month you get so much amazing media to view! From amazing original TV series, or reality shows! And unlike classic cable TV, you can consume all this content no matter where you are, with just a click. No matter if you’re on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or on your couch in front of the TV.

But there’s another side to this abundance (in content and in the apps). There’s just too much to watch! And the Netflix app doesn’t exactly help you with a customized interface. Because the Netflix app is everywhere, it’s kind of bland. Devoid of any specialized features.

That’s what we’re tackling today. All you need to do is tune the Netflix settings a bit, customize some parts, add an extension or two and download an app to make your Netflix viewing experience just as epic as the content you’re watching on Netflix.

Must-Have iOS Apps For Netflix

1. Rave

Rave for Netflix iPhone App

This app takes your Netflix experience to the next level. This app allows you to connect with your friends through this app and you can watch the same content together provided they are a Netflix user as well. This apps sync with your iOS and allows you to send texts while watching your favorite show. The app is free and can be easily downloaded from the play store. This is the go-to app if you want to binge watch with your friend who is far away.

Download: Rave

2. Getflix

Getflix is one of the few remaining VPN services for Netflix that still works. This app allows you to access to your favorite Netflix app without any location restrictions.

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Not all of Netflix content is available everywhere. Especially when it comes to US sitcoms. Using a VPN or a smart DNS service like Getflix lets you access Netflix US library no matter where you are.

Download: Getflix

3. Simkl Lists

Simlk Lists Netflix App for iPhone

This is the Netflix tracker you didn’t know you needed. It keeps you updated so that you do not miss your favorite TV show or your favorite movie. This tracks down the show and its release date according to your preference and helps you to watch it instantly without getting revealing any spoilers.

Download: Simkl Lists

4. Upflix for Netflix

Upflix for Netflix iPhone App

If you like watching Netflix on your TV (preferably using your 4K Apple TV), then Upflix is the perfect companion! While you’re watching something on Netflix, Upflix becomes a Netflix directory for you or anyone in the room. You can use the app to browse through the entire catalog, search for titles, read the synopsis, play a trailer and even choose an episode to play! Want to know about the latest updates from a show? The app will even show you the latest news for a title you know just when the next season of your new favorite show is going to land.

Download: Upflix for Netflix

Tips for Customizing Netflix

1. Variable Profiles

Netflix allows you to create various profiles for the people who are using the Netflix account. Your daughter might like a cartoon, but you are a fan of mysteries and horror movies.

Netflix has a feature in which you can have two different profiles for you and your kids. With the help of this feature, you can simplify your viewing experience and the show/movie you are watching remains in sync where you left them.

2. Manual Mode

The best way is to manually create a playlist and make the most of it and line up your favorite shows in the order of your liking and stream it like a playlist.

This helps you in making your watching experience easier and according to one’s liking. You will be amazed by the simplicity and usability of this feature.

3. Netflix Warnings

Netflix does show warnings for shows and movies that are expiring on their details page or in the My List section if it is set to Manual Ordering previously.

It might be a little complicated but doesn’t allow you to miss out on classics before they get deleted.

4. Shuffle Mode

This hack takes your experience to the next level. This helps you when your mind is not allowing you to choose between something. ‘Netflix Roulette’ recommends you something random which might be an easy option for the ones who aren’t able to choose.  There is also a Filters option that helps you choose actors, genres etc which lands you up at your preferred destination rather than taking you somewhere else.

5. Remove Items From Your History

Netflix Tips and Tricks iPhone iPad Mac Windows 2

Once you’re logged in, head to this page and you’ll see a history of all the items you’ve viewed. If you’re sharing your profile with your friends or family, you might want the luxury to remove a title, sight unseen from the users you share your account with.

From this page, click on the Remove icon from the far end of the list.

6. Play Netflix Roulette

Netflix Tips and Tricks iPhone iPad Mac Windows 4

How often does this happen to you? You’re scrolling through Netflix, category after category, but you just can’t find something to watch. Next thing you know, you’ve spent 45 minutes just scrolling and not watching! Netflix Roulette puts an end to that.

Go to the website, and just click the Spin button to see something random from Netflix. If you want, you can filter by genre, type, IMDB, and Rotten Tomato ratings.

7. Customize Subtitles

Netflix Tips and Tricks iPhone iPad Mac Windows 1

Want to make the subtitles a bit smaller or bigger? Go to Your Account -> Your Profile -> Subtitle Appearance and change the settings to your liking.

8. Master The Keyboard Shortcuts

Usually, watch Netflix on your Mac or PC? Remember these keyboard shortcuts and you won’t have to reach for the mouse anymore!

F: Fullscreen

Space: Pause/Play (You can use Page Up and Page Down the same functionality as well)

Shift + Right Arrow: Fast forward

Shift + Left Arrow: Rewind

M: Mute

Chrome Extensions for Mac and Windows Users

For the ones using Windows PCs or Macs, there are a few interesting Chrome extensions that can take your Netflix experience to a whole new level.

1. Netflix Enhancer

This is the one stop shop extension for taking your Netflix viewing experience to a whole new level. It will add a lot of contextual information for the title you’re viewing. No need to open 4 new tabs to research every new title you come across! You’ll see ratings from IMDb, trailers and a lot more.

Download: Netflix Enhancer

2. FindFlix

Netflix Tips and Tricks iPhone iPad Mac Windows 5

Netflix also has a covert hack for the enthusiasts that simplifies searching of content. They have secret categories. The only way to access it is by typing the exact phrase in the search box. With Findflix, you can easily search the categories from the search box itself.

Download: FindFlix

3. Netflix Party

Netflix Tips and Tricks iPhone iPad Mac Windows 7

This is the go-to feature but unfortunately not a part of Netflix. This function is so impressive that it allows you to synchronize your streams with people who are online.

You can queue a movie or a show and it will provide you with a link. The link can either be broadcasted or it can be shared with people online.

The person with that link can watch the show with you through the sync and gives you the master control that if you pause it the viewer’s screen will be paused as well. Everyone can watch from anywhere in the world without missing a single frame.

Download: Netflix Party

4. Flixtape

Netflix Tips and Tricks iPhone iPad Mac Windows 6

Do you remember the times of the good old mixtapes, where we used to simply put our favorite songs together and then play it for hours and hours? Now one can also play around with Netflix shows and movies with Flixtape.

You simply have to log in via your Netflix account and you will be given premixed content groups or will get the option of creating your own. With the interactive tools which Flixtape offers, you can create cool content and without any problem.

Imagine you are planning a night out with your friends and you select the theme of adventure movies, now you can jumble and search around with.

Flixtape and create your playlist and you are good to go for the night.

Download: Flixtape

Don’t Forget That Download Button!


You can now download titles to watch on the Netflix app. It doesn’t work on the Mac but you’ll see the download option in the iPhone and iPad app. From settings, you can decide the download quality as well.

Check out our Netflix downloading guide to know more.

Your Favorite Tips and Tricks

What are your favorite tips and tricks for customizing and using Netflix on all your devices? Share with us in the comments below.