New iOS 7 bug allows anyone to make a phone call from the lockscreen

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 21 Sep 2013

ios7-beta4-lockscreenA new security bug discovered by Karam Daoud and reported by Forbes allows anyone to make a phone call from the lockscreen of an iPhone running iOS 7. The hack takes advantage of a flaw in the emergency calling system that lets you make phone calls to 911 when you are in trouble

You can replicate the exploit yourself if you have an iPhone running iOS 7. Just tap “Emergency” on the lock screen to access the emergency calling screen. Dial a number and rapidly tap on the call button until the phone opens a blank screen with an Apple logo. Then dial the number you wanted to call. According to Daoud, “you can dial a number anywhere, any time.”

This hack has been replicated by Forbes on two iPhone 5 handsets. Daoud also says it works on older versions of iOS.  The 27-year old businessman allegedly reported this bug to Apple, which confirmed it would be patched in a future update. You can check out the bug in the video below.

This isn’t the first exploit discovered for iOS 7. Earlier this week,  we reported on another security flaw that would allow anyone to bypass the lock screen and access photos, email and more.

[Via Forbes]