New iTunes Updates Lets You Manage More Than 180 iPhone Apps

BY Andy

Published 5 Nov 2009

New iTunes update adds grayed out Home Screens for easier app management

In September when iPhone OS 3.1 was released, Apple also introduced an App management feature for iTunes, which let you manage iPhone apps on your iPhone Home Screens directly from iTunes. 

One of the issues with this iPhone app management feature was that it only displayed the 180 iPhone apps spread over the eleven iPhone Home Screens. This was okay if you had fewer iPhone apps. However, for users who had used up most of their 180 app slots, adding and sorting newer iPhone apps was a tedious and clumsy process. 

Apple has now introduced additional Home Screens in iTunes 9.0.2 that makes managing apps much more easier. With an ability to hold up to 176 apps, this organizer shall be shown as a grayed out Home Screen on the iPhone. While the new Home Screen will primarily serve to hold iPhone apps temporarily as you organize your iPhone, you may also be able to access these overflow apps on the iPhone by using Spotlight.

As folks at TUAW note, this feature comes extremely handy when handling a lot of apps. However, it still does not serve the equally important function of sorting applications. Mike from TUAW notes: 

"It would also be nice to have a "shelf" to store app icons on while you're moving them around (you can use the bottom 4 apps as a minishelf, but that's not really enough). Maybe you could pile them into different areas on a screen and then drag them in the way you want onto your homescreens."

Do you think the new feature is helpful when it comes to managing iPhone apps? With the new update helping those iPhone users who have a lot of apps on their iPhones, we are curious to know how many iPhone apps do our readers have on their iPhones. Please tell us in the comments.

[via TUAW]

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