Official Reddit Client for iOS Updated with iPad Support

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 16 Nov 2016


Reddit is finally updating its official iOS client to add iPad support to it. The version 2.0 update of the app will go live later today and also packs a bunch of bug fixes.

In case you are not aware, Reddit acquired popular Reddit client for iOS Alien Blue in 2014. Then, it proceeded to launch its own official iOS client earlier this year, though the app only had iPhone and iPod Touch support. With today’s update, the official client will now finally have a baked-in layout for the iPad as well.

The change log for the update does not seem to mention any other changes, so it looks like iPad support is the only major highlight of this release.

Reddit changelog

Surprisingly, despite the iOS App Store being filled with plenty of great apps and games, there is a death of decent Reddit clients for iOS. Alien Blue was at one point of time the go-to Reddit client for iOS devices, but its development stopped completely once the app was picked up by Reddit. And the official Reddit client while decent has only supported the iPhone until now which in itself says a lot. There are other third-party Reddit clients like iAliens and BaconReader but none of them are as good as third-party Reddit clients available for Android.

Which Reddit client do you use on your iPhone or iPad? Are you happy with it? Drop a comment and let us know.

Download: Reddit: The Official App