Pinterest introduces Buyable Pins to let users buy items from the app with Apple Pay

BY Evan Selleck

Published 2 Jun 2015

Pinterest logo

Pinterest has long been a source of creative inspiration for many people, with a range of do-it-yourself materials and other concepts to adopt. Now, buying things from those sources will be possible as well.

On Tuesday, June 2, Pinterest announced on its public blog that it will soon launch Buyable Pins to its app. With these pins, users will be able to buy specific items that they could previously only pin and save for later. These purchases can be made with a general credit or debit card as usual, or users can use Apple Pay to secure the item they really want.

From within the Pinterest app, there will be options that are targeted for certain items. For example, when buying clothing there will be a sizing option as well as an ability to choose colors, if there are multiple colors to choose from. When a price is listed, if it’s blue then the Pinterest user can buy the item online and get it shipped their way.

Pinterest says that the Buyable Pins options will be available for iOS users in the coming weeks.

[via Pinterest]