Poll: How’s Your iPhone’s Battery Life on iOS 14.4?

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 31 Jan 2021

iOS 14 Bugs

Apple released the iOS 14.4 update for iPhones and iPads last week. The update fixed a number of bugs and security issues while also adding some minor new features. More importantly, though, a battery drain test seems to indicate that the update has seemingly fixed the battery drain issues that many iPhone and iPad owners were facing.

Many iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro owners along with iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 owners have been complaining about severe battery drain with their device right since the iOS 14.1 update landed. Even multiple battery drain tests seem to indicate that the battery life of the iPhone 11 series has progressively gone down with every new iOS 14 update.

However, the battery drain test of iOS 14.4 points to Apple finally fixing the underlying bug for this issue as it brings about a noticeable jump in the battery life of iPhone 11 and other older iPhones. But tests are one thing. Have you noticed any improvement in the battery life of your iPhone or iPad after installing the iOS 14.4 update? iPhones usually take a week to settle down so if you updated to iOS 14.4 on release day itself, you should have noticed any changes in battery life by now.

Make sure to take part in our poll below to let us know your experience with the iOS 14.4 update in terms of battery life. Also, drop a comment to share any other changes and improvements that you might have noticed in the update. If you are still facing battery drain issues on iOS 14.4, you can always follow our guide on iOS 14 Battery drain issues to improve your iPhone’s battery life.