Reddit releases official ‘Ask Me Anything’ app for iPhone

BY Joe Rossignol

Published 2 Sep 2014

Reddit AMA iPhone App

Reddit is one of the most popular online discussion forums for having conversations about nearly every topic imaginable. One of the staples of the large community is Ask Me Anything, a subreddit of the website in which celebrities, government officials, astronauts, artists and more participate in question-and-answer sessions with users. 

With an increasing number of users accessing Reddit from the mobile web, the company on Tuesday released an official Ask Me Anything app for iPhone that allows smartphone users to read, participate and keep up to date with the latest so-called “AMA” interviews without having to pinch and zoom on Safari or use a third-party app.

The official app allows Reddit users to ask a question when someone offering an Ask Me Anything interview is marked as active, receive notifications when popular AMA sessions are trending, see all answered questions in a mobile-optimized format, vote questions and answers up or down on the go and more.

While this app is a step in the right direction, Reddit remains surprisingly far from offering a mobile-first experience. The website as a whole still lacks a mobile version or official mobile app, although a job posting in April all but confirmed the company will be releasing official iOS and Android apps at some point in the future.

In the meantime, third-party solutions like Alien Blue and Aliens for Reddit are worthy alternatives available on the App Store.

Reddit’s new Ask Me Anything app is free on the App Store for iPhone. It is not a native app for the iPad.