Redditors compile impressive list of Apple TV tips and tricks

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 30 Dec 2013


It all started with a simple post on Reddit about an Apple TV that was Christmas gift. Started by DeepWoods, the thread asked for some “cool tips” for the Apple TV. A mere three days later and the post now has one of the most comprehensive tips and tricks for the Apple set-top box that I have seen.

As spotted by BGR, the Apple TV thread contains over 250 comments with gems on how to navigate quickly to the home screen and how to hide apps from the main screen. Here are few highlights from the thread:

  • “Holding down the menu button will get you back to the main menu faster than clicking menu 100 times.” –Confucius_said
  • “If you go to the settings, you can hide apps from the main screen, which is nice if you know you’re never going to touch a lot of things on it.” –notzak
  • “If you wish to organize your home screen more, you can select an icon and hold down on the center button until the icons start jiggling and move it wherever you want.” –ThirdFromTheSun
  • “Configure your display settings to ensure you’re getting the best resolution for your TV size. I noticed that when I first set mine up on our 52″, it wasn’t even pushing HD quality by default.” –nittanygeek
  • “If you have an iOS device, particularly an iPad, download and setup the Apple Remote App. It’s much easier to type on your iOS device than using the remote to move letter to letter. Or pair a bluetooth keyboard. It will save your sanity.” –nittanygeek
  • “You can put the Apple TV to sleep immediately by holding play/pause on the main menu.” –Defragged

You can read the full list of Apple TV tips and tricks on Reddit.