Tip: iPhone Remote App also Acts as Wi-Fi Keyboard for Apple TV

BY Jason

Published 21 Jul 2008

When I wrote about the iPhone Remote, the first official native iPhone application to be reviewed here at iPhone Hacks, I missed out one of the features which would have made Apple TV and iPhone or iPod Touch users very happy.

DaringFireball.net has revealed that the iPhone Remote adds a useful and unpublicized feature. It also acts as a Wi-Fi keyboard for Apple TV.

The iPhone Remote is free iPhone app available via iTunes App Store. It gives you full control of all the music, video, podcasts, and movies stored on your computer or Apple TV that are in the same wireless network as your iPhone. Its like carrying iTunes in your hands.

In case of Apple TV, it allows you to browse and playback both music and video. However, if you navigate to YouTube Search or iTunes Store search on your Apple TV, the keyboard seen in the screenshot below will appear on your iPhone or iPod Touch and allow you to wireless type in your search terms.

iPhone Remote and Apple TV

If you are an Apple TV and an iPhone or iPod Touch user, I am quite certain, you will appreciate the ability to use iPhone’s revolutionary virtual keyboard to type the letters rather than selecting letters individually with your television remote.

As always do let us know your feedback on this feature in the comments.

[Source: Mac Rumors via DaringFireball.net]


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