How to replace your iPhone 5’s battery [Video]

BY Jason

Published 4 Jul 2013

ifixit-iphone-5-battery-replacementFolks at iFixit, the teardown experts, have published a video that gives an overview on how to replace iPhone 5’s battery. This can be handy if you’re not under warranty, or need to replace your battery urgently.

To replace your iPhone 5’s battery, you’d need a special set of tools using which you can disassemble your iPhone. These include a screw driver, a suction cup, a plastic opening tool, and of course a replacement battery. You can buy a replacement battery from iFixit for $29.95, while the other tools come as a part of iFixit’s Pro Tech Toolkit, which normally costs $100 but is on sale for $69.95 as part of the Liberation Week sale that ends tomorrow.

You start off by removing the screws next to the Lightning connector, and then use the suction cup to remove the display assembly. Once you’re in, you’ll have to disconnect several cables that hold various parts together, and finally separate the battery from the adhesive that holds it in place.

Here’s the video:

For the step-by-step instructions, head over to iFixit.