Rumored iPad Air 2 shows thinner design, Touch ID and more in new photos [Update: It’s Fake]

BY Evan Selleck

Published 8 Aug 2014

Rumored iPad Air 2 Home button

On August 4, we got to see leaked images of what appeared to be the rear shell for the purported iPad Air 2. In a pair of new photos, we are offered a “complete” second-generation iPad Air, with plenty of details to make note of.

In the pair of photos, which cropped up from the Hungarian-based website, iMagazin, we get to see an iPad with a noticeably thinner frame. Moreover, the images showcase the iPad Air 2 next to Apple’s iPhone 5s, and we can immediately see that the larger device is quite a bit thinner than Apple’s flagship handset.

iPaid Air 2 leak

It’s also worth noting that the Home button on this rumored next-gen iPad Air is obviously offering Apple’s TouchID, as it looks exactly like the Home button you’d find on the iPhone 5s. The images also show us a redesigned speaker grille on the bottom of the device, with slightly larger holes arranged in a single row, as opposed to the two roles, with slightly smaller holes, on the current generation iPad Air.

Of course, it’s possible that this is indeed a fake, even just a mockup, but if it is, it still looks quite good. Unfortunately, there’s not much to learn from the photos. At least they’re nice to look at.

Are you looking forward to the iPad Air 2?


It looks like these photos are fake. We doubt Apple will make any significant design changes to the next generation iPad Air.

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