Safari Addon Plugins brings Some Missing Features to iPhone’s Safari Browser

BY Jason

Published 16 Dec 2008

iPhone’s Safari browser is one of my favorite iPhone apps and easily the best mobile browser I have used by a long distance.

However, even if if you ignore the crashes (which have reduced but not gone away post iPhone firmware 2.2) it is far from being perfect in terms of features. It has quite a few basic features missing such as ability to copy and paste content from a web page, searching for a word or text on a web page etc.

iSpazio has released a Safari Addon plugins to bring the missing functionality to iPhone’s Safari browser.

Before you jump with joy, iPhone’s Safari browser still does not supports add-on plugins like the desktop browsers, the additional functionality has been achieved with the help of bookmarklets.

A bookmarklet is a javascript-applet, a small computer application, stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser.

Installing Safari Addon plugins results in the following bookmarklets added as a bookmark to your iPhone’s Safari browser:

  1. Find in this page: to search words within a web page.
  2. COPY & PASTE: Copy & paste between Safari and Mail application via Pastebud.
  3. Tabulate / Open in New Tab: To open link in new tabs.
  4. Translate to English: Automatically translate the web page into English via Google Translate.
  5. Image Search: Shortcut to search for images via Google Image Search.
  6. Search in Wikipedia: Search for articles in Wikipedia.
  7. Find Similar Sites: Search for similar sites via Google.
  8. Dictionary: Check out the definition of a word or phrase using
  9. Display all images: Show only images of the web page you’re visiting.
  10. iTransmogrify: Lets you play flash videos in Safari.

Safari Addon plugins includes the recently released service called Pastebud which brings copy and paste feature to the iPhone (but has few privacy concerns) that makes use of bookmarklets to allow iPhone users to copy text from iPhone’s Safari browser
to the Mail app and also between web pages without jailbreaking your iPhone.

It also includes the feature to search for word or text on a web page. You can tap on the “Find in this Page” bookmark which displays the pop-up where you can type the word or text that you want to search on the web page.


The search takes a few seconds and then highlights all the matched keywords in yellow as seen in the screen shot below:

You can install the Safari Addon plugins via Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone.

As always, drop us a line to give us your feedback on this useful collection of bookmarklets.

[via Simon blog]

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