Fix for iPhone Safari Crashes

BY Jason

Published 1 Nov 2008

iPhone Safari

iPhone’s Safari browser is by far the best mobile browser I have used but it isn’t perfect and one of issues is that it crashes quite often.

Based on this Apple discussion forum thread it looks like I am not the only one facing the problem.

If you are also experiencing the iPhone Safari crashes then you might want to checkout the workarounds to fix or prevent it from crashing after the jump.

Some of the workarounds to fix or prevent iPhone Safari from crashing are mentioned below:

  • You should ensure that the the latest firmware has been installed on your iPhone . Apple might have would have fixed some stability related issues in the latest firmware. In my case, I am running iPhone firmware 2.1 but iPhone Safari still crashes.
  • Rebooting your iPhone (Hold Home+Lock until the Apple logo appears, about 8 seconds). This can help reset some apps that may be running in the background.
  • Try clearing the Cache, Cookies and History.  To do this, go to Settings-> Safari-> and tap Clear Cache, Clear Cookies and Clear History.
  • As per this Apple discussion forum thread, some iPhone users have also reported that turning off Javascript stops the crashes, however I am not sure how many users will like the option of surfing with Javascript turned off.

Apple fixed the problem where iPhone apps crashed frequently in iPhone firmware 2.1 but the issue of Safari crashes are still observed in the latest iPhone firmware.

These are just workarounds and not a permanent fix, lets hope Apple fixes some of the stability related issues with iPhone Safari in iPhone firmware 2.2.

Does Safari crash on your iPhone? Tell us if any of workarounds mentioned above helped or let us know if you have figured out a way to prevent iPhone Safari from crashing.

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