iPhone Tip: Save Images in iPhone’s Safari browser and Mail App

BY Jason

Published 17 Jul 2008

The pre-release version of Apple’s iPhone firmware 2.0 which was available only to members of the iPhone developer program had revealed some interesting features, so I thought of trying them out to see if they made it to the release version.

If you were looking for a feature to save images from your iPhone’s Safari browser or its Mail app then it has got a lot simpler with iPhone firmware 2.0.

The feature works as follows: just hold your finger on an image in iPhone’s Safari Browser for a longer time than usual, a pop-up dialog will
appear (as can be seen in the screenshot below) which gives you options
such as "Save Photo", "Go To URL" and "Cancel". Hitting "Save Photo" will save the image in the photo app.

iPhone firmware 2.0: Ability to Save Images straight from iPhone's Safari browser to the Photo album application

This feature works in iPhone’s mail app as well. You can save images sent as email attachments following the same procedure. You can also see the video clip of the feature below.


Note: The video was taken with the pre-release iPhone firmware 2.0 running on it.

So with this feature, you can now save images from the web or sent by your friends as an email attachment and set them as your iPhone’s Wallpaper just like we can on our desktop or laptop.

Its good to see this feature make it to iPhone firmware 2.0. But I still can’t figure out why the much needed Copy & Paste feature (workaround available here) didn’t have a higher priority than this feature. Any explanation folks?


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