CES 2022: Schlage’s New Deadbolt Can Be Unlocked Using Your iPhone or Apple Watch

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 4 Jan 2022


At the ongoing CES 2022 event, Schlage announced its new Encode Plus Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt — the first smart lock solution in the US to support Apple’s home key system. You can access home keys in the Wallet app on iOS 15. It allows you to add digital keys that unlock HomeKit compatible door locks using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

The Encode Plus works like a traditional HomeKit-compatible deadbolt. It relies on Wi-Fi and eliminates the need for a separate hub to interface with the Home app on Apple devices. Using Apple’s home key system, you can unlock the Encode Plus by just bringing your iPhone or Apple Watch close to the lock (using NFC). The system also supports Power Reserve, so your key remains available for up to five hours after your iPhone runs out of battery.

If you aren’t familiar with Apple’s home key system, check out this support document.

In the rare event that Power Reserve fails and you are locked out, the Encode Plus features a traditional keypad on which you can enter a code to unlock. As a last resort, a physical key slot is also available. Schlage claims that you can create 100+ access codes for people who may need to access the door. These codes can be configured to be valid only at specific times of the day or revoked entirely.

Check out this video to see how Schlage envisions users would benefit from the convenience:

Schlage has priced the Encode Plus at $299.99. It will launch this spring and will be available in two versions—a Camelot style and a Century style. Several color variations will be available for each variant, so it nicely blends in with your door.

If you aren’t an Apple user, the Schlage Encode Plus Smart Deadbolt also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Would you entrust your house’s safety to this deadbolt? Tell us in the comments section!