Top 8 Apple HomeKit Products for 2017

BY George Tinari

Published 14 Mar 2017

Smart home accessories get more and more popular by the day. With Apple becoming increasingly dedicated to smart homes and HomeKit, new devices keep coming out to support it. HomeKit allows smart home devices to integrate directly with iOS so you can control them with the Home app, through Siri, or with Control Center. This also enables notifications for certain devices like security cameras. Many HomeKit-enabled accessories are set to come out this year in 2017, and some already debuted. Here are our picks for the best ones so far.

Withings Home Camera and Baby Monitor

Image credit: Withings

The Withings Home is a two-in-one indoor security camera plus a baby monitor. It initially launched in 2015 but is now officially getting HomeKit support so it can work seamlessly with all your Apple devices. The camera shoots in 1080p HD, includes 12x zoom and even night vision. You should be able to view a live stream of the security camera from your iPhone or iPad plus record video. The built-in baby monitor allows you to hear your baby and even talk with it from afar. The Withings Home is available and retailing for $199.95.

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Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm

Image credit: Netatmo

The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm will soon be a HomeKit-equipped utility. The alarm can notify you even if you’re miles away from your home if there is a smoke hazard. Yet even if you burn toast and it sets the alarm off, you can silence it right from your iPhone too. The Smart Smoke Alarm also sends you a notification for when the battery needs to be replaced, but since it includes a 10-year battery, that’s not likely to happen very often in your lifetime. The alarm isn’t available just yet but you can sign up through Netatmo to get a notification when it is.

Netatmo Indoor Security Siren

Image credit: Netatmo

The Netatmo Indoor Security Siren is the second product in Netatmo’s lineup getting HomeKit support later this year. It works in conjunction with the Welcome Camera to recognize unfamiliar faces. If there is an intruder in your home, the Security Siren will notify you and give you the ability to sound the siren. It’s a 110dB piercing sound that should hopefully deter any intruder. Pricing and availability are still unknown, but once again you can sign up for email updates.

LIFX Light Bulbs

Image credit: LIFX

It looks like Philips Hue is finally getting some real competition. LIFX is adding HomeKit support to its smart lights in 2017. They apparently already have the hardware for HomeKit built in, but just need to run through a few finalization steps before the integration begins. The best part about LIFX is the fact that you don’t need a bridge or additional hardware to get these bulbs connected. Just put them in the socket like any other bulb to get started — no fuss. They also support millions of colors and 1,000 shades from warm to cool whites. LIFX bulbs are available now starting at $59.99 per bulb.

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Incipio Smart Wall Switch

Image credit: Incipio

The Incipio Wireless Smart Wall Switch lets you adjust the brightness or on/off state of your HomeKit lights from the wall. It’s highly useful to avoid whipping out your phone every time you just need to adjust your lights. Plus, the wall switch has a built-in motion sensor too to trigger lights merely as you walk by. The accessory will be available soon for $59.99 and requires that you have an iPad or third-gen Apple TV set as your Home hub.

Incipio Smart Power Strip

Image credit: Incipio

Incipio is also coming out with a Smart Power Strip. It’s one of the first of its kind, complete with four HomeKit connected power outlets. That means you don’t have to control the entire power strip as one HomeKit device, each outlet works individually. You can plug a light into one, music into another, maybe a charger into another and they’ll all just automatically start powering on or off from your iOS device. The Smart Power Strip should be available soon for $99.

D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD

Image credit: D-Link

The Omna 180 Cam HD from D-Link is one of the first indoor cameras with HomeKit support. It can send you a notification whenever there is suspicious movement in your home. Plus, you can view a live stream of the camera, record video, and use two-way radio to talk into it from one of your devices. The camera is 1080p and has a 180-degree field of view so you can get a full picture of the room you place it in. An SD card slot allows you to store video and watch it later on any device. D-Link sells the Omna 180 Cam HD through the Apple Store now for $199.95.

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Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock

Image credit: Kwikset

Kwikset’s Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock now has HomeKit support. With your iOS devices connected, you can lock and unlock it remotely, access lock history, or use Siri to do both. It has an optional alarm for incorrect codes too. You can buy it now for $229.

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Have you started using HomeKit based products? If so, please do let us know which one is your favorite product.