iPhone hackers bring Contact and Calendar Search to iPhone

BY Jason

Published 1 Nov 2007

iPhone Search

If you had seen Steve Jobs Keynote address to announce the iPhone in January, you would have been sold on buying the jesus phone when he demonstrated the scrolling of contacts with a flick of a finger.

However, if you have many contacts on your iPhone and find flicking through the contacts laborious; then you will be interested in reading about the latest iPhone app.

iPhone hackers over at Polar Bear Farm have released "Search" a native
third-party iPhone application that enables searching for contacts and
searching a specific date in the calendar application on your iPhone.

Polar Bear Farm is a software development company which is into designing applications for the iPhone, they call themselves "Creators of Innovative iPhone Applications".

Their first iPhone application called "Search" enables searching for contacts on an iPhone and searching a date under the calendar application. So you longer need to flick through your long list of contacts or months in case of calendar instead you can quickly go directly to the contact or date desired.

Their application is based on a simple idea and addresses a real problem. It works exactly as described above and I loved the user interface of searching for specific dates (very iPhone-like) as can be seen in the screenshots below. The search results that are return only show the phone number(s) of the contact selected, however future enhancements will enable you to see the complete contact information such as email addresses, physical addresses, contact pictures etc.