Share screenshots on your iPhone with style with OneShot

BY Osas Obaizamomwan

Published 6 May 2015

I am constantly taking screenshots on my iPhone to capture hilarious Tinder profiles, in-game notes, or work related images. Apple makes it extremely easy to capture screenshots by pressing the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons. But once that image is captured sharing and editing them could be improved, and that’s where OneShot comes in.

Share screenshots on your iPhone with style with OneShot

OneShot is a free application that you will find in the App Store. Download and install the application, and allow access to your Photos.

OneShot - Photos

After allowing access, OneShot will automatically compile all of the screenshots stored on your device. You can scroll through your images and select one to edit by tapping on its thumbnail. This will bring up the edit page where you can crop, highlight, and change the background color.

OneShot - Edit - Screenshots

I found the highlight feature to be very useful, as I could highlight pieces of text that I want viewers to pay particular attention to. However, the highlight feature is only useful with text. If you want to annotate an image or picture, OneShot doesn’t yet have a great option for that right now.

Once you have finished with your edits, tap Next and you will see option for sharing your screenshot. Twitter is currently baked into the default option, but you can also share via Facebook, text, email, and more by tapping on the Share icon.

Share - OneShot - Screenshot

OneShot isn’t revolutionary by any means; but if you are looking to quickly crop and edit screenshots right on your phone, this is a nice free application worth trying.

Feel free to share some of your favorite screenshots using OneShot, and shoot us questions and suggestions in the comment section.