Tip to Fix Slow iPhone Syncs

BY Jason

Published 5 Sep 2008

Scott Paterson of UKMac.Net has reported that he might have finally found a solution to fix the slow syncing problem observed after upgrading the iPhone with firmware 2.x.

Scott Paterson of UKMac.Net who had observed long sync times after upgrading to iPhone firmware 2.x stumbled upon a thread that mentioned that USB hubs could be the root cause of the problem.

So Scott who usually plugs his iPhone into a Belkin USB which is connected to the iMac, connected his iPhone directly to the USB port of the iMac to see if the solution works and to his surprise found that the sync took only 5 mins.

Some commenters have also recommended that one should not plug any USB 1.0 device to the hub as it could slow down the syncing dramatically.

Some of the reasons why connecting the iPhone directly to the USB port would have helped are mentioned below:

  • The USB hub has to re-calculate the time left before the next sof (end of the uframe); this small extra delay added by the hardware hub could result in sync speeds to be not as fast as a device directly connected to the host.
  • If several devices are connected on the hub and working in parallel (for example, a webcam + a USB flash drive + a mouse + the iPhone), then the USB bandwidth is shared among the devices thus reducing the speed of the syncing process.

Though I partially agree that connecting the iPhone directly to the USB port
could help resolve the issue for some users, I don’t think it will solve
the problem for all of them as not everyone facing the long sync problems are using a USB hub in first place.

Also with iPhone firmware 2.x and the official iPhone applications, iTunes is also backing up the user data for each of the applications from your iPhone. So the time taken to sync could also be a function of the number of iPhone apps that have been installed on your iPhone and the time from the last sync.

Do you connect your iPhone to a USB Hub? Did it reduce the sync times by connecting your iPhone directly to your computers USB port?

If you have figured out any other tip to reduce the iPhone sync times, do let us know in the comments.

[Wired via UKMac.net]

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