Snapguide Becomes First iOS App to Allow You to Share to Pinterest

BY Nikhil

Published 26 Apr 2012

Snapguide – the iPhone app that allows you to create simple and beautiful how-to guides for anything using videos, photos and words on your iPhone, now also allows users to share them on Pinterest. It’s the first iOS app to include Pinterest integration.

App updates usually aren’t too noteworthy, but Snapguide’s update that pushed its way into the App Store just today, is fairly significant. Snapguide is the first application to integrate sharing to the popular social network, Pinterest.

An API for Pinterest has been highly anticipated for quite sometime now, and this is the first glimpse of how exactly sharing to Pinterest will work.

Based on information attained by TechCrunch, it seems as if what Snapguide has integrated is simply an early-access private beta version of what is to be rolled out publicly in the future. While Pinterest didn’t shed any details, Snapguide CEO Daniel Raffel said:

“Pinterest is exploring different ways that they can offer an iOS SDK. The solution we implemented together worked the best for what we were trying to achieve with Snapguide. It may or may not be part of an official API that Pinterest rolls out in the future.”

Pinterest is an image sharing network meaning that you’re limited to pinning images from Snapguide to your account rather than the guides themselves, obviously. In order to pin pictures to Pinterest, you’ll need to install the official application (free) along with the Snapguide app. Clicking on the share button and the newly integrated Pinterest option will launch the Pinterest app and will instantly allow you to share the image. It’s quite neat, but I’d really like to see something more efficient like how Twitter is currently integrated, but I’m assuming that something like that maybe difficult without Apple’s blessings.

Download the Snapguide update via the Updates tab in the App Store app to check out the Pinterest integration and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, download it from this App Store link.