SummerBoard for iPhone OS v1.1.1: iPhone Hack Enables Scrolling of iPhone’s Home Screen

BY Jason

Published 22 Oct 2007

SummerBoard for iPhone OS v1.1.1

One of the most popular iPhone hacks or native iPhone application since the iPhone launch has been an app called "SummerBoard" which is an extension to iPhone’s SpringBoard (more commonly known as the home screen). The latest version of SummerBoard v3.0a11 now works with iPhone OS v1.1.1.

SummerBoard not only helps you customize your iPhone’s home screen with custom wallpapers or themes it also enables scrolling of your iPhone’s home screen thus removing the 16 application limit on the home screen which is quite important if you have installed many unauthorized third-party applications on your iPhone.

If you want your iPhone’s home screen to look like the image here then read the details after the jump.

The iPhone application "SummerBoard" enables scrolling on the home screen by extending the SpringBoard and making use of custom routines loaded through a back door, allowing scrolling of the application icon list. As mentioned earlier the application also lets you use customize your iPhone with wallpapers or themes of your choice.

The SummerBoard application is thankfully available through the cool Installer App in case you already have it installed on your iPhone running on OS v1.1.1.

However, if you looking at installing it using the Installer app then the information provided by Michael over at TechDadBlog will be quite useful. He points out that:

"There are now two types of installers in AppTapp, one for pre 1.1.1 firmware, titled “Summerboard (Old)” – version 2.11 -, and this new one just called “SummerBoard” – version 3.0a11. It can be found under the System Category (or folder if you are running the new Installer mentioned)."

He goes on to add that if you have an iPhone running OS v1.1.1 and you have installed the older version then you will notice your dock on the top of your screen instead of the bottom. But not to worry uninstalling the older version and installing the right one as mentioned below should resolve the issue mentioned above.

Thanks Michael for filling in the blanks with your feedback on the new version.

In case you are looking for instructions on how to get Installer app on your iPhone on install the latest version of SummerBoard on your iPhone then read this article along with the comments here @ iPhone Hacks, Instructions to Install Third-Party iPhone Apps using for iPhone OS v1.1.1.

And as for the iPod Touch owners, the latest version of SummerBoard apparently also works for iPod Touch.

As always let me know your feedback on how well this popular iPhone App works with iPhone OS v1.1.1.

Screenshots of how you can transform your iPhone’s UI with SummberBoard: