Super Mario Run Ranked: Top 5 Hardest Levels

BY George Tinari

Published 23 Dec 2016

Super Mario Run has been out for only about a week and it’s already drawn plenty of mixed criticism. Some feel the game isn’t worth $10 and that Nintendo messed up. While I do understand some concerns, I’m a fan. I’ve been playing the game every day since it came out, even replaying multiple levels of the tour several times. I can’t say that Super Mario Run isn’t generally difficult, but some levels do get frustrating to beat.

After thinking it through and consulting with some friends who bought the game, let’s take a fun look at the top five hardest levels in Super Mario Run. This is totally subjective, so feel free to read through and weigh in using the comments section below.

5. World 6–4: Bowser’s Bob-ombing Run

Yes, this is the final level where you at long last get to defeat Bowser once and for all… that is, until a new Mario game comes out anyway. What makes this level so hard isn’t necessarily the gameplay, just the fact that I had absolutely no idea what to do for quite a while. I sat for an embarrassingly long about of time just dodging Bowser’s obstacles as I was trying to race to the end before the clock ran out. I figured at some point I’d be able to catch up to Bowser and we’d have a final dual.

Nope, instead, you have to just kick back the bob-ombs Bowser throws at Mario. Make sure you stay on the same platform level as Bowser so you can be ready to attack. Get him three times and he’s all over. Once I figured that out, 6–4 wasn’t nearly as difficult to get through. Getting to that point was the problem.

4. World 5–1: Lakitu’s Revenge

Lakitu is an annoying jerk. Maybe it’s just me, but even back in the Super Mario Bros. days I always struggled with when Lakitu dropped those spiked little critters out of nowhere. On top of that, this level also has several moving platforms to get through. Normally this would be easy, but with Mario running at a constant rate, it proves more difficult than you’d think to land on all of them.

Luckily, 5–1 has a lot of opportunities to gain star power, which basically makes you temporarily invincible unless you fall off the map. Without that, Lakitu does pose a bit of a challenge.

3. World 5–3: Boohind Lock and Key

Boo appears in several levels of Super Mario Run, but 5–3 is harder than the rest. Not only do you have to escape through mysterious doors, but you have to hunt down keys to get through them. They could be in plain sight or hidden even within Boo itself. Plus, whenever you’re facing the opposite direction, Boo starts chasing you from behind which makes for trickier gameplay.

There isn’t much action in 5–3. Instead, the challenge comes from trying to get all the keys and rush through all the doors in time. World 6–2 where Boo makes its final appearance would make a top 10 list, but 5–3 was just downright frustrating at times.

2. World 2–2: Sky-High Lifts and Leaps

You might have expected most of the hard levels on this list to be in worlds five and six, as did I when I first played it. Still, only one other level aggravated me more than world 2–2 — and it’s right toward the beginning of the game. Most of 2–2 involves having to jump on platforms that move and soar quickly, requiring Mario to jump on yet another platform. I can’t tell if I’m just straight up bad at this or if it’s the fault of weird game physics, but I must have failed this level close to 10 times. Getting onto those platforms is just tricky when you can’t control Mario with a D-pad. A friend of mine also had similar complaints about this level.

1. World 6–3: Throwing It All Overboard

At last we arrive at the hardest level in Super Mario Run. It’s world 6–3, “Throwing It All Overboard.” I still can’t get through this without using up all my life bubbles at least once or twice. Enemies are constantly throwing debris, jumping all around which makes them hard to pass, and once again there are many small platforms to jump to and from. To top it all off, you have a boss to fight at the end. That part isn’t particularly hard, but it just adds insult to injury in this level.

What’s interesting is that I remember on Nintendo DS I had trouble with the second-to-last level in Super Mario Bros. Maybe Nintendo just likes to throw that same curveball. Either way, in Super Mario Run, 6-3 takes the crown for the most difficult level.