Step by Step Guide to Tether JailBroken iPhone 3G to the Laptop published

BY Jason

Published 21 Jul 2008

Before Apple’s new iPhone 3G was launched, we had got the bad news that AT&T will not be offering tethering capabilities for iPhone 3G.

However, it doesn’t seem to have stopped iPhone hacking expert, Nate True from figuring out a way to tether jailbroken iPhone 3G to the laptop.

Nate True had also developed one of the popular iPhone games, Tap Tap Revenge which was earlier available as an unofficial native iPhone application via the Installer App. He later sold the game to Tapulous who have released it on iTunes App Store.

The process of tethering allows your laptop to use your iPhone’s data connection to surf the internet, which would have been a treat to use with iPhone 3G rather than the first generation’s Edge connection. So it was disappointing to find out that AT&T will not be offering tethering capabilities for iPhone 3G.

We had the same issue with the first generation iPhone, until Nate True had figured out a way to tether a hacked iPhone to the laptop.

He has done it once again, he has published a step-by-step guide to tether jailbroken iPhone 3G to the laptop.

The process is broken down into the following steps:

  • You will need to first Jailbreak your iPhone 3G using iPhone Dev Team’s Pwnage Tool 2.0.x for Mac or this step by step guide for Windows.
  • Install 3Proxy and Terminal.
  • Create an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network using your laptop.
  • Join the network with your iPhone.
  • Find the iPhone’s IP address.
  • Open Terminal and run the proxy program.
  • Open Safari on your iPhone and open a web page.
  • Configure your browser to use the proxy.

As you can see, the method is for the technically inclined. If you want to try it out then check the detailed Step by Step guide published by Nate True at

Please remember to take a backup of your iPhone before hacking it and as always, we will be waiting to find out how it goes in the comments.

[via Mac Rumors]


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