The best iOS 9 compatible apps

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 17 Sep 2015

ios-9 logoApple released iOS 9 yesterday, bring a variety of new features to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Along with iOS 9 comes a landslide of app updates that’ll bring new features and compatibility with Apple’s latest version of iOS. Below you will find a list of apps that have been updated with support for the new features found in iOS 9.

Most of the apps have been updated with support for the new iPad multitasking features which include Slide Over, Split View and Picture e in Picture. Not surprisingly, Spotlight, watchOS 2 support and 3D Touch also are popular features showing up in apps. Other less known, but equally important features include Quick reply, deep linking, SFSafariViewController and App thinning.

  • Quick Reply — Quick Reply allows users to respond to a message from within the notifications. In iOS 8, this feature was limited to the default messaging app, while it is ubiquitous in iOS 9.
  • Deep Linking — Deep linking is a way of linking to content within another app. Instead of opening a web page view when you click a link, iOS will open the targeted app (a Foursquare link will open in Foursquare) and even pull up relevant content like a map for a link with an address.
  • SFSafariViewController — SFSafariViewController is a way for developers to remove the limited mini browser within an app and replace it with an instance of Safari that runs inside the application. This is advantageous to the user who now has access to personalized content store is Safari, such as password keychain, stored credit card info, and more.
  • App Thinning — App thinning is an iOS 9 optimization that reduce the space taken up by applications by only downloading the assets needed by the device to which the app is being downloaded, downloading resources such as tutorial files on demand as they are needed and more.

Below is a list of apps optimized for iOS 9 and what features they now support.

We’ll continue to update this post. Do let us know your favorite apps that are now compatible with iOS 9 features.