3 Tips for Finding Out Someone’s Instagram Connections

BY George Tinari

Published 16 Feb 2017

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Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it. At some point or another, we’ve done a little harmless poking around on Instagram to find out what other people are up to or who they know. You’re reminiscing about an old friend, trying to figure out the name of a mutual friend, maybe you’re even investigating a potential employer or co-worker to scope out their connections.

I say if you’re going to poke around, own it. If you’re having serious trust issues in a relationship, a conversation would probably go much further than some petty Instagram snooping. That said, the three aforementioned examples are perfectly valid reasons to check on anyone else. Maybe you don’t want to accidentally like a co-worker’s old photo and have your simple action called into question.

Here are some tips for viewing a person’s connections on Instagram.

View Your Following Activity

You know the tab on Instagram that tells you all the activity and notifications on your photos? A lesser known tab at the top is labeled Activity. Tap the heart symbol to view your activity, then tap the Following tab at the top. Here you can see what everyone you’re following is up to on Instagram.

Of course, this isn’t ideal for seeing what a specific person is up to, but lets you see all your friends and maybe even discover some new people and photos too. It shows what your friends are liking, commenting on, and new people they follow.

Search Through Following and Follower Lists

If you want to find out if someone on Instagram knows someone else, you can search through a person’s public list of users he follows and users who follow him.

Just go to a person’s Instagram profile, then tap either Followers or Following at the top. At the very top of the list is a search bar where you can start typing usernames. This lets you find out if someone specific is following or being followed by that person.

View Someone’s Tagged Photos

Even if a user didn’t put a photo themselves, you can see photos other people have uploaded them. Just like you have your own list of tagged photos on your profile, everyone else has a public tab of tagged photos too. People can choose to hide some or all of these photos if they wish though.

To view another user’s tagged photos, go to the Instagram profile. Right above the grid of photos, tap the tab on the far right with an icon of a person. You’ll be able to see all the tagged photos they choose to display and the original posts to accompany them. You will not see any photos from people who have private accounts.

Ultimately, that’s the best Instagram can do for you in terms of finding others’ connections. Good luck and try not to get too involved, you nosy thing, you.