Top 15 Fun and Useful iPhone Apps for Christmas

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 25 Dec 2016

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Christmas is right around the corner. That means family time. That means wonder, and joy but also a lot of work and confusion. If you want to make your life a little bit better around Christmas time – to be more organized, and entertained, check out the following apps.

#1 & #2. Snuggle In, Watch A Christmas Movie

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No Christmas holiday is complete without the family gathering together to watch an often cheesy, Christmas time movie. You can use different apps for it. But by far the best way is to just open Netflix, find something to watch and AirPlay the stuff to your TV. You can also check out Hulu.

Download: Netflix, Hulu

#3 & #4. Listen To Christmas Music

top christmas apps iphone 3

In the mood for some Christmas music? Just launch the Music app, and search for Christmas playlists and start playing them.

If you’re a Spotify subscriber, you can do the same for there.

If you don’t use either of those services, just go to YouTube – you’ll find several Christmas albums and hour long compilations like this one. Pro tip: Download an app like ProTube to listen to YouTube video audio in the background.

Download: Spotify, Apple Music

#5. Read The Bible

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It’s the time of the christ so you might watch to catch up on some Bible reading before heading for Mass. There are a lot of Bible apps on iOS. But if you’re as obsessed with good design and interface as us, you’ll want to use the NeuBible app.

Download: NeuBible ($1.99)

#6. Last Minute Shopping

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It’s never advisable to do your Christmas shopping last minute. But if you want to shop online, at the last minute, your best shot is Amazon – especially if you’ve signed up with Prime. Just download the app to start shopping.

Download: Amazon

#7. Track Santa With Your iPhone

top christmas apps iphone 6

You can help your kids track Santa across his voyage, using the NORAD Santa Tracker app.

Download: NORAD Santa Tracker

#8. Make And Send A Real Greeting Card

top christmas apps iphone 7

Using Red Stamp Cards, you can create a beautiful, personalised greeting card right on your iPhone. And then you can send it to your loved ones, as an actual physical greeting card. The app will take care of the printing and the sending for you. All you have to do is pay them $3.

Download: Red Stamp Cards

#9. Make Christmas Theme Food

What better way to make your home smell like Christmas than to make delicious Christmas food. Christmas Recipes app will help you do just that.

Download: Christmas Recipes

#10. Stay On Top Of Your Christmas Shopping

top christmas apps iphone 8

Your Christmas shopping list might be too complex to contain in just one note. This is why you should think about having a dedicated app do the job for you, and do it well. The Christmas List is just that.

Download: The Christmas List ($1.99)

#11. Relive A Classic

top christmas apps iphone 11

A Charlie Brown Christmas is an app rethinking of the 1965 TV classic. It’s even narrated by the original voice of Charlie Brown – Peter Robbins. It the app has additional dialogue, illustrations, and sounds. And as you’d expect from an iPhone app, there are mini-games as well.

Download: A Charlie Brown Christmas ($2.99)

#12. Go on an Elf Adventure

top christmas apps iphone 13

Elf Adventure Christmas is an Advent calendar app. It’s filled with interesting things to do and is light-hearted. You have mini-games that unlock every single day that tell you the story of Christmas elves.

Download: Elf Adventure Christmas ($0.99)

#13. Sing Christmas Carols

What’s a Christmas without beautiful/somewhat hilarious attempts at singing Christmas Carols? The Sing Along app makes this really easy to do with the iPhone. It’s a Karaoke app, but for Christmas Carols.

Download: Sing Along Christmas Carols Free

#14. Just Elf Yourself

top christmas apps iphone 10

This is a really fun app that uses the magic of facial recognition and photo manipulation technology to turn you and your friends into Elves. You can take photos, record videos, with fun background sounds (dancing as Elves doesn’t sound like fun until you record yourself do it). You can share the video easily on Facebook as well.

Download: Elf Yourself

#15. Turn Your iPad into a Fireplace

top christmas apps iphone 9

Not everyone lives in a place where it snows around Christmas. So how do you get that Christmas feel from all the pop culture ever? Draw the blinds, prop up your iPad and fire up the Fireplace 3D app. You have three different choices for fireplaces – Traditional, Rustic and Victorian.

Download: Fireplace 3D

Your Favorite Christmas Apps

What are your favorite apps for this time of the year? Share with us in the comments below.