Super Mario Run Ranked: Top 5 Easiest Levels

BY George Tinari

Published 24 Dec 2016

If you’ve checked out reviews for Super Mario Run lately, you might notice they’ve been rather lukewarm for such a hyped up game. Many complaints revolve around the price — that the game is simply not worth $10 for what you get.

While I respectfully disagree since there is much more to Super Mario Run than the tour, some levels are pretty comically easy. After hours of gameplay and evaluation, I decided to rank the five easiest levels in Super Mario Run from pretty easy to a total cakewalk. Bear in mind these are totally subjective, so definitely weigh in with your own thoughts in the comments section below.

5. World 2–4: Airship Cannons…Fire!

This level is deceptively simple. When you first start playing, it seems like it might be difficult. After all, you’re faced with the task having to dodge cannonballs. However, almost every time, they’re shot far off in the distance and don’t even come close to Mario anyway. Occasionally you’ll have to jump, and when one is directly approaching Mario just automatically leaps over it anyway.

Not only will you breeze through that, but the boss is shockingly easy to defeat. Just jump or wall jump three times to finalize the attack and you’re done. You could even get pummeled as long as you have your life bubbles left. Mario just resurrects and gets a chance yet again.

4. World 3–3: Shell Me the Way!

I was shocked at how simple this level was for one that’s toward the end of world three. What makes this so easy is actually Mario’s enemies: the koopa troopas. All you need to do is jump onto one to send the shell zooming forward. It knocks out several enemies ahead and gains you coins in the process. When the shell eventually falls off screen, just jump on another koopa troopa to repeat that process. Mario doesn’t have to dodge any cannonballs here nor Lakitu. All the little Italian lad needs to do is run through and use the koopa troopa’s shells to do all the work for him.

3. World 1–4: Bowser’s Castle Hangout

The main course in World 1–4 isn’t what makes it so ridiculously easy, albeit it certainly isn’t hard. What really blew my mind was how absurdly simple it was to defeat Bowser here. I know in other Mario games it’s always unchallenging the first time around, but this just felt totally effortless. As long as you acquired a super mushroom at some point prior, all you have to do is just let Mario run right through to the axe. Take the small reduction in size once you crash into Bowser, but you still get right through. He falls into the fire and that’s it.

I can’t believe Nintendo actually calls this a boss round. And if I’m being frank, most of the other boss rounds didn’t exactly have me shaking either. Still, despite being so painless, this level doesn’t quite top the list.

2. World 1–1: Up and Over

Well you could probably expect this one. The first level of the first world is of course going to be one of the easiest. It sets up the game and gives a peak into what you should expect from upper levels. Mario hops over goombas, koopa troopas, powers up with super mushrooms, and that’s pretty much it. You don’t have much to avoid in the way of enemies since Mario glides right over them. You have to sometimes get into harder to reach places to obtain pink, purple, and black coins, but that’s with every level. Plus coins are not a requirement. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great start to the game and feels very familiar, but the bottom line is you won’t be sweating during this level.

1. World 1–3: Paratroops in Mushroom Valley

World 1–3 is by far the easiest level to conquer in Super Mario Run. From the first time I played up until even now, I zoom right through it without downfall. That’s mostly thanks to the arrows built right into the level that literally propel you forward. Just approach the double arrows, tap, and Mario flings through a heap of coins. This happens several times throughout the level.

It also doesn’t have any major obstacles. You occasionally need to hop over some koopa paratroopas (read: flying koopa troopas) and jump between still platforms, but navigating is a no-brainer. I was actually shocked when I finished that level so quickly, since I thought for sure it might be more difficult before approaching the first boss. It turns out it’s the opposite.

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