Twitter for iPhone Spotted Testing New Feeds for Communities

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 2 Jun 2022

Twitter black mug unsplash

Microblogging platform Twitter may not have bowed into requests for an Edit button yet, but it says it is testing out a new way to engage in communities. The test allows you to switch between the “For You” and “Latest” timelines.

Twitter says its Community feature is designed to help people find like-minded individuals through shared interests. Communities would provide a “comfortable space to participate in conversations that are most relevant to them.”

 According to the platform, the new test makes it easier for you to personalize your Community timelines and stay up to date with the ongoing conversations. For now, every setting you choose will become the new default for when you revisit that Twitter Community. On the bright side, this setting is granular, so you can change it at any time and have a different setting for each Community you participate in.

Twitter already offers a similar experience on its main feed. The new test is one of the ways in which the platform is pushing Communities as the new prominent feature on Twitter since it allows you to keep a tab on engaging conversations about your specific interests. The platform has also poured in resources to develop Communities with new tools, such as the ability to pin Community Tweets, search within a Community, search for members, and remove specific members.

Twitter’s latest test is available to a handful of users on iPhone, Android, and the web. If you are a part of this ongoing test, you should be able to see that the timelines can be changed in the upper right corner of each Community, just like on the Twitter Home feed.