‘Twitter Circle’ Allows Some Users to Share Tweets with Limited Audience

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 3 May 2022

Twitter is one of the social media platforms where you can either address all your followers with a tweet or keep your thoughts to yourself and continue scrolling. Now, the microblogging platform could change that for the better. It has confirmed that it is testing a way to let you address just a subset of your followers with a new feature called “Twitter Circle.”

Twitter Circle allows users to share tweets with a list of up to 150 handpicked followers. The feature’s implementation resembles Instagram’s Close Friends feature for Stories. Twitter explains that some users will be able to create Twitter Circles starting today.

Twitter says, “some tweets are for everyone, and others are just for people you’ve picked.” The microblogging platform explains that the feature works in three simple steps. First, you create a Twitter Circle and add up to 150 users to it. Then, you can tweet to just your Circle. Just like Instagram’s Close Friends feature, people will not be notified if you choose to remove them from your Twitter Circle.

After the Twitter Circle is created, users will see a green bubble when typing out a tweet. This indicates if the tweet will be sent out to all the followers or just the Twitter Circle. In the main feed of tweets from accounts you follow, you can see Circle tweets differently, too. Moreover, nobody will be able to retweet the tweets sent out to a Circle. 

The feature is being tested with a small number of users at present. Twitter hasn’t shared when the feature will be rolled out to all its users.